Sunday, May 08, 2005

moore's lone

Ravenous zombies have overrun the post-apocalyptic town of Desolation. Sharpshooter Lucy – Luke – and her older brother, Mark, are desperate. Their only hope is to track down and enlist the help of a gunman legendary in the western wasteland, a man known only as Lone. But if they find him, can they trust him? After all, Lone lives by himself in a portion of what used to be Texas that is now a nuclear wasteland. No one else can survive in the wasteland without heavy bio-hazard suits. Luke and Mark run into Cletus, who claims to know Lone, and seems to know more than he’s saying – especially after Luke mentions how the zombies are being controlled by a strange figure that bleeds yellow. And what are “Gunfathers,” anyway? After fighting off radiation-twisted mutants for two weeks, Luke and Mark are ready for answers. Combination science fiction and old-time western, the graphic novel incorporates the best of both worlds. There are genetic mutations that have gone out of control, hi-tech weapons that don’t belong in this world, and a gunslinger spurred by a vigilante sense of justice, who bears an uncanny resemblance to Clint Eastwood. Moore’s story-telling is smooth and his characters well developed. Opeña’s illustrations are full of action and the fresh coloring gives the art life. It would be easy to imagine this story appearing on the Saturday morning line-up of cartoons.


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