Wednesday, May 04, 2005

yoshitomi's ray

Ray -- named after the Japanese word for “zero” -- was bred and raised to be a living, breathing organ donor. After her own eyes were taken from her, she is rescued by a stranger who gives her a new set of eyes that come with the gift of x-ray vision. Ten years later, Ray is a nurse in a medical clinic where she moonlights as a surgeon performing off-the-book medical procedures on criminals. Ray’s x-ray vision allows her to pinpoint even the most elusive of medical symptoms, and she quickly gains a reputation as being able to save lives when no one else can. Even though she has a gift of “seeing” things that no else can see, Ray is unable to remember much of her childhood and cannot “see” her rescuer in her mind’s eye. She has no hope of remembering anything until a man is brought into the clinic with a deadly form of fungus trapped in his lungs. Ray recognizes the man as a childhood friend, which triggers some of her childhood memories. Ray begins searching for clues to the organization that stole her childhood and her eyes, leading to a confrontation with her old captors. Writer/artist Yoshitomi supplies a well-drawn and fast-paced novel, showing a flair for sharp action sequences and explicit detail in both the surgical scenes and the sex scenes. By the end of volume one, Ray has emerged as an appealing character and the secrets of her past are alluring enough to keep readers hooked and waiting for the next volume. Part crime noir, part child exploitation, and part medical drama, this new series should appeal to both the horror and medical crime/drama fans.


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