Sunday, May 08, 2005

cabot's every boy's got one

Jane’s best friend is eloping in Italy, so Jane buys a travel journal with the intention of documenting the trip so she can give it to her best friend as a wedding present. After writing a few pages, however, Jane realizes that the trip to Italy is about more than just the elopement of her best friend. It’s a chance for her to discover that every boy has one. A heart, that is. Using her own marriage elopement to Italy as a basis for this novel, Cabot presents a charming urban fairytale that pits maid of honor Jane, famous for her Wondercat cartoons, against best man Cal, an international journalist who has never heard of Wonder Cat. As the best-selling author of the young adult series, The Princess Diaries, Cabot is a talented romance writer; her personal epilogue about her own elopement in the Italian countryside adds to the romance of the novel. Cabot captures the rustic charm of Castelfidardo, a small Italian town in the region of Le Marche, which happens to be the accordion-making capital of the world and is full of unpredictable electricity, dubious public restrooms, and bureaucratic snafus that nearly derail the wedding plans. Along the way, we get to meet a diehard Wondercat fan, an ex-Nazi grandmother, and anxious parents. As is typical in a Cabot novel, the story cleverly takes place via email, text messaging, PDA journal entries, travel journals, and weblogs. We experience everything as the characters do, something that teenagers will be able to appreciate in today’s simplicity driven world. Readers looking for a fast read, enriching details about Italy, and a good laugh, will not be disappointed.


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