Friday, May 06, 2005

alden's star wars empire (vol. 3)

Included in this volume are four tales told from the point of view of one of the major villains in “Star Wars.” Longtime fans will gain a new perspective as they read about the trials, fears, and sacrifices that a loyal Stormtrooper, Darth Vader, a young Imperial lieutenant, and a group of captured slaves must face. The first story in the volume features a Stormtrooper -- a clone -- who struggles to come to terms with his background and how it affects his understanding of the war going on around him. The Stormtrooper struggles to track down a Rebel saboteur on board the Death Star before the fateful Rebel attack. On his deathbed, his commander explains that the Imperial Empire may not be all that it appears. In the next story, Darth Vader, the sole survivor of the Death Star explosion, crash lands on a primitive world where savagery is the key to survival. Vader is attacked by a pack of wild animals; in the ensuing chaos, he assumes the role of pack leader after killing the leader of the pack. Vader discovers that being a true leader means taking care of those serving under you. The third story features a young Imperial lieutenant who learns that all service comes at a price when his small company of Stormtroopers is attacked by thousands of angry aliens. In the last story, a group of captured slaves vow revenge on the man responsible for killing their families -- Darth Vader. Ultimately, we come to realize the “bad guys” on the big screen aren’t that different from us; they are no strangers to loyalty, honor, and sacrifice. The artwork has a slick animated look, and the fresh coloring gives the art life.


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