Thursday, May 05, 2005

milligan's jack fish

A comedic sci-fi satirical look into New York City, Milligan’s first novel brings an operative of the Elders of Atlantis to the “Topworld” to find their enemy and spear him. It’s Jack Fish’s first mission to the topside and he is given three objectives: Learn to Breathe; Find Victor Sargasso; Kill him. Washing ashore at Coney Island, he starts hacking as he realizes that breathing smog is a whole lot different than breathing water. Jack must remain on this webbed toes as the Maltese, the enemies of the Atlanteans, are aware of Jack’s presence topside and will do anything they can with a harpoon to stop him. The only problem? Jack’s not exactly the smartest fish in the sea. As if that weren’t enough, Jack flounders into one mess after another; it’s by pure luck that he stumbles across the truth. Every detail is specific, and everything has a reason, down to the “monthly bulletin” that is printed on the back of a pack of Trident chewing gum. Milligan weaves together a zany, hip, and funny story. New York has never seemed more alive, crazy, and grimy.


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