Thursday, May 05, 2005

carey's john constantine

John Constantine, the trench coat clad sorcerer, is called in by his best friend, Chas, when Chas’s granddaughter, Tricia, falls inexplicably into a coma. To save her, the two men travel from London to Los Angeles, where reports of other comatose children have made the headlines. In their search of the city, Constantine discovers that several demons have decided to create hell on earth by using the children’s souls to provide them with energy. Constnatine learns that one particularly disgusting demon has trapped Tricia inside his the chambers of his heart; if Constantine kills the demon, he also kills the little girl. Readers are given breaks from the demon butt-kicking and running around to learn about Constantine’s personal history. Carey delivers a horrifying glimpse into ancient religions while Manco’s use of dark, bold colors and gritty, grisly details is a perfect complement to any horror novel. Longtime fans and those that have seen the movie “Constantine” will enjoy this read.


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