Saturday, May 07, 2005

hall's crush

"There are many different types of monsters in the world…and today I have changed into the worst kind of all…an adult." So begins the morning of Liz Mason’s 18th birthday. In a world of subtle and not so subtle horrors (her dad’s abusive and her mom dresses as a prostitute), Liz is about to meet one monster she never counted on -- herself. Liz’s problems are a bit different than that of the normal outcast; she learns that her parents aren’t really her parents and that she seems to be something, well, not quite human. And it appears that, every time she bleeds, she transforms into a brutal monster named Crush. Her savage side swiftly sets about obtaining bone-crunching vengeance against anyone who has ever made Liz’s life miserable. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Liz soon has to deal with a mysterious, deadly, ruthless agent tailing her...with a pack of teenage werewolves. With all of these obstacles in the way, how is Liz ever going to celebrate her birthday? How will she ever learn who, or what, she is? At least she has her best friend, Jen Tanaka, to help her through the process. What at first seems to be a curse may be the one thing that leads her to understand who she truly is. The polished, fresh artwork complements the fast-moving story. Astute readers will notice that, while Liz’s character is drawn more angular and hard in the beginning of the story, as she learns to accept herself, her character appears more soft and rounded.


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