Monday, May 16, 2005

cann's california holiday

On many levels, Rowan’s your typical British teenage girl, just finishing her exams, about to head off to university. She’s sick of her younger brother and tired of the way that her life has been going. What separates her from other girls her age is what she chooses as her summer job; Rowan decides to go to America and be a nanny. Nevermind the fact that she has no nannying experience or that she’s never been to America…Rowan just wants to escape England. She flies to Seattle, where she works as a nanny for a horrible couple and hates every minute. Her only friend is the pet iguana that is kept locked in a cage on the roof. When things get out of control, Rowan enlists the help of her charge’s grandmother and runs away with Iggy, the iguana. She sets off toward San Francisco, but when her bus stops in Sacramento, she meets Landon, who talks her into following him to Truckee. The first half of the story is rather sluggish, but once Rowan meets Landon, the story picks up. Landon’s not the greatest of guys (he’s actually more of a jerk), but he does manage to show Rowan that you can’t run from life. Kate Cann will appeal to readers of Meg Cabot and the first person narration will have readers eagerly turning the pages.


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