Monday, July 03, 2006

gaines's digital photo madness! 50 weird & wacky things to do with your digital camera

Thom Gaines has made an easy-to-use guide to digital photography and photo manipulation that readers of all ages can use. There are 50 tips and tricks in this guide; sections on photo manipulations, light and shadow composition, avoiding camera shake, color combinations, and how to use a digital camera are all clearly explained and accompanied by example photos. Gaines spends time going over basic camera functions; even though readers may not have the same camera that he uses, they will be able to do the same things, because Gaines explains the basic digital camera function symbols that are the same for all digital cameras. Gaines’ guide is much easier to understand than trying to comprehend any user manual that comes with a digital camera. Readers of all ages and skill levels will be able to learn from this guide, and Gaines makes sure that you’ll have fun doing so.


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