Monday, July 03, 2006

forbeck's blood bowl: dead bowl

In Matt Forbeck’s fantasy kingdom where the most popular sport – Blood Bowl – is a violent form of gridiron football, anything goes. Dunk Hoffnung is a thrower for the Blood Bay Hackers and was the most valuable player his rookie year. Now it’s his second season and the gridiron football is more bloody and violent than ever. This time, though, the stakes are even higher, as he has to battle not only opposing players, but also his own teammates as well! Dunk’s coach, a retired sea captain named Pegleg, has vowed that his team will no longer be losers. To become winners, Pegleg decides that the team needs to find the Far Albion Cup, a trophy that’s said to make whoever owns it a winner. The only problem? The cup has been missing the last 500 years. That doesn’t stop Pegleg, though; after a grueling game where the Blood Bay Hackers lose 11 of their teammates, the team heads over to Albion and meets up with Olsen Merlin, a wizard who just might know where to find the cup. Along the way, the team picks up a treeman and a cast of undead players, and the coach becomes possessed by an evil spirit that inhabits the cup. The moral of the story? Don’t try to cheat to win. Readers looking for humorous fantasy along the lines of Robert Aspirin’s M.Y.T.H. Inc series will love the offbeat characters and game. Even better – you don’t need to be a football fan or know much about the sport to be able to understand the game.


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