Monday, July 03, 2006

mccullough's the essential book of presidential trivia

Ten-year-old Noah McCullough wants “everyone to know about the history of the United States and about important political events and issues and how they work.” A future presidential hopeful and one of the country’s youngest historians, McCullough has compiled a book of presidential trivia sure to please the most reluctant reader. Every chapter of the book contains a brief bio about one of the presidents along with a section of facts that ask “did you know?” The fun doesn’t stop there – McCullough has added a quiz at the end of the book to test your smarts (don’t worry – there is an answer key included). The book is easy to read and very approachable; students will relate to the fact that McCullough is a child. Perhaps the best part of the book is the fact that you can pick it up and read a chapter in a matter of minutes, making the book perfect for browsing as well as research. There are whimsical drawings of the presidents that preface each chapter, providing a visual aid for the curious. McCullough caps the book with a well-rounded bibliography.


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