Monday, July 03, 2006

choron's planet dog: a doglopedia

A powerhouse of an encyclopedia, Planet Dog: A Doglopedia will appeal to dog lovers, trivia seekers, and those looking for more dog information before buying a puppy. The husband-wife authors of this book have compiled over 300 lists about man’s best friend. Some of the lists contain information that will be difficult to find in another source (the top 10 Russian dogs sent into space, for example), while others compile practical information (“20 Tips for Preparing Your Dog for a New Baby”), but all focus on Fido. The book addresses not only the care of dogs, but also their characteristics, competitions, and culture. Both Sandra and Harry Choron’s graphic design skills are evident in the layout of the book; the pages are visually appealing. The book is a comprehensive and easily accessible resource that every dog and animal lover should own.


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