Thursday, August 18, 2005

bolks' the good, the bad, and the ugly men i've dated

Rory Egglehoff has always been a geek. She has built her life around her Star Wars addiction, relating all of life’s triumphs and travails to what she’s learned from watching the movies. Rory’s clumsy, smart, and a hopeless romantic. When her childhood crush walks into her office, Rory decides that’s she had enough with dating Wookies and sets out to snag a Jedi Knight of her own. With the help of her best friend, Allison, Rory undertakes a four-phase plan to get Hunter Chase to notice her and invite her to their high school reunion. The plan actually works, but Rory is still so in awe of Hunter, and still believes herself to be the geeky outsider, that she loses a bit of herself as she wrongs her current boyfriend, neglects her family, and denies the very essence of herself. Rory’s so scared of rejection that she can’t bring herself to tell him she already has a boyfriend, that she’s vegetarian and has a hippie mother, or that she’s obsessed with Star Wars. Once Hunter realizes that Rory hasn’t been entirely truthful to him, he breaks off their relationship, and it looks like Rory will once again be alone. In the end, though, Rory learns an important lesson about being true to who you are. Bolks manages to put high school relationships and experiences into perspective. Fans of Star Wars will enjoy the movie and character references and details, but they are weaved in so subtly, anyone can enjoy the story.


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